Saturday, January 17, 2009

Snow Days = Magic House Fun

What do you do when your kids are out of school more than they are in school these days and can't get along to save their lives?!? Well, beyond going nuts arranging schedules (this is the one time that I really, really hate being a work-outside-of-the-house mom!).

We decided to head over to the Magic House in St. Louis. It's a nationally recognized children's museum and just a wonderful place for kids. We hadn't been there in a few years. There was an article in the paper recently about a huge expansion they'd just completed. And I had a coupon for a free admission! So, we decided to give it a try.

Unfortunately, I'd grabbed one of my smaller cameras and didn't realize until we arrived that the battery was dead. Thankfully I had also stuck my new favorite little toy in my purse as well. So, no pictures but a few short videos. My apologies if these take too long to load, I'm still figuring this out...

The biggest new attraction is a 3 story high beanstalk that the kids can climb. It's amazingly creative and both kids enjoyed it. And, yes, Carson kept his coat on the entire time...he was worried someone would steal it in the coat room (?!?) even though I'd promised to buy him a new one if that did happen.

Many of the activities were geared towards younger kids, but this is one that Carson really enjoyed. They have a TV studio and you can be the anchor. I love how Elise is helping him!

The static ball is a well loved attraction. Gives me the heeby-jeebies but the kids love it. Elise's hair is usually full of static anyway so she can achieve this look by simply taking off her big winter coat! OK, maybe not this much, but it seems close!

After seeing Carson do this, I think we can all agree that a haircut is in order.

There were lots of other fun attractions. I think Carson is outgrowing the Magic House, which makes me sad. He's more interested in places like the Science Center. He did give me a chuckle on the way home. I had NPR on the radio and the show was Ira Flatow's Science Friday. The kids usually get annoyed with my interest in NPR. I was surprised when Carson kept asking to have it turned up and getting upset when we'd talk to him. He was really into the topic they were discussing (methane gas on Mars?!?). Guess my little boy is growing up.

But, Elise still had a blast at the Magic House. And it was a great day to get out of the house and beat the boredom and bickering.


Vivian M said...

Sounds like fun! Kerri loves the Children's Museum and asks to go all the time.
And you left the house without a camera?! Shame, lol.

Super Mommy said...

We love our CM - sounds like it was a great break from sitting in the house. I can see why the static machine creeps you out . . .I was creeped watching it.

The Morris Family said...

Looks like a great day- perfect to beat cabin fever!