Sunday, January 4, 2009

"Kids Decide" Day

Yesterday we decided to ask the kids what they hadn't done during break that they had really, really wanted to do.

Carson: Go to the Science Center

Elise: Go to Libby Lu's (closing mid-January)

We decided to divide up and the boys went to the Science Center while Elise and I headed out to Libby Lu.

Those that know me know that I HATE going to the mall (I only like going by myself and only when "I'm in the mood). My dislike for the mall aside, we had a good time. Elise did some shopping at Libby Lu's, which is pretty picked over by now. We ended up walking through some stores and Elise discovered they already had out Spring Dresses. She had so much fun looking through them, deciding which ones to try one, twirling in front of the dressing room mirror and deciding which would be the perfect Easter dress.

Now, I realize it's a tad early to buy an Easter dress, but I honestly don't anticipate being in the mall again between now and then! :) Plus, the dresses were ridiciously discounted (who else is buying Easter dresses in January?!?) and I had a gift card I wanted to use. So even if she sprouts up an inch or two, this dress will still work in April. (She did have to promise to NOT grow like her brother before I'd buy it!)

She was upset that we wouldn't let her wear this dress to church today. :( I have a feeling that will be a weekly battle until Easter.

I've also discovered that I love using the video camera...maybe that lazy streak in me is really coming out! Perry got me one of those Flip video cameras for Christmas. It's the easiest thing in the world to use and plugs directly into the computer without extra cords!


sandra said...

Love the video and I LOVE the dance ;-)

Super Mommy said...

Oh Gretchen - that dress was MADE for Elise! I love her prancing and dancing - you can tell it makes her feel beautiful!! Glad you decided to venture out to the mall, or you might have missed this gem!

Vivian M said...

It is a beautiful dress for a very beautiful little lady :o)

I think I will ask Kerri to decide what to do today since I don't really feel like unpacking!