Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Diet...

Perry and I are starting the Belly Fat Diet tomorrow! We've never done a "diet" together but I'm not really looking at this as a diet but rather a jump start to get us out of our holiday overeating rut.

Anyone done this program?

I was particularly interested in the 4 day jump start program to this plan. In the past, I've fasted prior to a "diet" to jump start my thinking but just couldn't work up the energy for a fast lately.

I'm also shocked that Perry agreed to do it with me! We both need to drop a few pounds and can easily (and have in the past) drop the pounds with some sensible eating, which has been sorely lacking lately. I think the 4 day plan is too low calorie (1600) to meet his needs (remember, he is a 6'8" man who doesn't sit down at all during the day). But, I'm thrilled that he's game to do it with me. I'm doubling the protein in each of his meals to see if that will help him not starve!

I was in the kitchen for a long time tonight preparing the food for the next few days, making individual servings, etc. It actually felt good to actually put thought into the food for the coming days rather than stare into the fridge to decide what to eat once the urge strikes!

So why the Belly Fat diet? I'd seen it in Prevention (one of my favorite mags!) and on the Today show. It emphasizes eating four 400 calorie meals/snacks throughout the day (not letting more than 4-5 hours go between eating to keep up your blood sugar). I've always found this to be a successful way to keep off the weight. I also really liked some of the recipes I saw and am always looking for healthy recipes to add to our collection. The recipes are mostly chicken and fish based, rather than red meat.

After the 4 day jump start, you do another 4 week eating plan. You pick and choose options for various (I never do well at eating plans that give you no flexibility).

Feel free to join us! Wish us luck!


The Morris Family said...

..the 4 400 calorie/meal snack thing seems very reasonable and a lot healthier than what is typical for most adults- ie coming home from work starving and eating a huge meal. we are also trying to adjust our eating habits -just making healthier choices and scaling back portions- good luck!

Super Mommy said...

HA!! I bought the book from Prevention too!! Just haven't committed to starting yet!!

Good luck - although you two will probably do great since you are doing it together!!

Keep us updated - maybe it will motivate me!

Tammie said...

Isn't it odd how we eat better when we're "dieting?" We know the right things to do but never get around to them.

After Chinese New Year, I'll be going back to WW. I eat better when I'm holding myself accountable for proper snacking since that's what gets me.

Vivian M said...

Wishing you both the best of luck!