Monday, March 3, 2008

Casimir who?

In Illinois, kids get Casimir Pulaski day off school. Huh?!? I’ve lived in Illinois for 22 years and I have not a clue who Casimir Pulaski is and why we celebrate him. Carson informed me that he is a famous general. :)

So to me, Casimir Pulaski day means one more day to juggle child care as my kids are out of school. Luckily, my parents came and spent the night last night and spent the day with the kids today.

My kids are always excited to have a day with Grandma and Grandpa and I’m thrilled they have a close relationship with them. I grew up very close to my grandparents.

Contrary to popular opinion, Carson is NOT named after Carson Daly but is named after my grandparents, Robert and Jean Carson.

When we first had kids, my parents lived in New York and Perry’s folks lived in Chicago. I was worried my kids wouldn’t have that same close relationship with their grandparents that I enjoyed. My parents decided to move out our way 2 years ago. And, my in-laws make frequent trips to visit us. My kids just love spending time with both sets of grandparents and have a special relationship with each grandparent.



PIPO said...

Oh well...a good way for the kids to spend Casimir day for sure. (I've never, ever heard of that guy either.)

Tammie said...

I don't care who Casimir is/was. All I know is that he's a great excuse for the kids to have a day with their grandparents. That's always a great treat!