Thursday, March 6, 2008

Flashback Friday!

This is one of my favorite pictures from our wedding ( be that skinny again!!!). Our photographer was a family friend and he just happened to catch us chatting with the girls. The little girls are Perry's nieces (ages 3 and 5 in the picture). When I met Perry, I fell in love with these little girls and I loved being an instant Aunt. One of my biggest regrets about leaving Chicago was that we didn't get to see them as often.

THIS is what they look like today! They have grown into beautiful, strong young women. We're so proud of them! (That German heritage doesn't come through AT ALL, does it?!?) Jen (the 5 year old!) is a college junior getting ready to head to Germany for a semester abroad. Steph (the 3 year old!) is a hotshot track star in her first year of college.

Jen & are amazing girls and I've so enjoyed watching you grow up. I love seeing the special relationship you both have with your mom, Omi and Opi and Aunt Eileen! You are wonderful role models for your younger cousins (who look up to you soooo much!) and we can't wait to see what life has in store for you!!!


Sandra said...

You guys haven't changed a bit :-)

Tammie said...

You & Perry look exactly the same! How did you manage that!?

Your nieces sound wonderful. Young women to be proud of.

Steph said...

Oh your wedding was so much fun! I have random memories from it- you dividing the flowers between us, dancing with Piglet, being very impressed by your dress =)

Thanks for all of the nice comments!

PIPO said...

Beautiful girls! Wow, it's amazing how they changed but your pics look the same :0)