Tuesday, March 11, 2008

PJ Day!

Hey...Dude!....you forgot your clothes...you can't go to school like that!!! Oh, wait, it's PJ day at school...phew.... (why can't adults have pj day at work?!?)

We are very proud of our new backpack. It was supposed to be the backpack for 1st grade but Elise has used it every day since it arrived. She's crazy about panda's these days. It would have more perfect in pink or purple, but she'll have to take that up with LLBean.

Think she sees me taking lots of pictures? She wanted to take some pictures of her bunny. I love the way she "posed" bunny just so and the look of determination to get just the right picture. I think I have a photographer in the making!!!


Tammie said...

Elisa looks so sweet in her jammies. The backpack is nice looking - sturdy.

PIPO said...

Very cute.

I DO pretty much wear jammies to work - scrubs.