Thursday, March 20, 2008

My baby is growing up...

Elise told me this past week that she is getting too old for these two outdoor toys on our back deck. She's decided she wants to give them to her cousin Isaiah who turns 1 next month.

So...Eric & Merry...make room on your new deck! (Sneakers doesn't come with the toys...she's staying here.)

It always pulls at my heart a bit when my kids outgrow beloved toys. With Carson, Elise was always still behind him and I looked forward to Elise getting some enjoyment out of toys he'd outgrown. But, when Elise outgrows toys, there's no one else in our immediate family to enjoy them. Thankfully my brother and his wife just started their family so we hope to have lots of nieces and nephews in line for the toys!

Elise got the house when she was 2 (her first birthday celebrated with us!) and the sand box when she was 3. She's gotten plenty of use out of both of them and I'm happy to see them going to other kids, but it still makes a bit sad that my kiddos are growing up so quickly. I never really understood that sentiment until I started experiencing it myself. I love the kids they are becoming, but it is a reminder to slow down and enjoy the here and now before it's gone.

Update on the basement

Still no visit from the pros...apparently there is quite a bit of flooding all around to keep them busy! Sigh. Perry continues to suck water out, but it is drying out. Lots of fans set up down there. We're fortunate that there is very minimal personal property damage and it was clean water. The carpet remains the big worry, but we keep hearing we'll likely just need to replace the pad. There is lots of flooding down here and folks are being flooded out of their houses by not so clean water, so really, in the grand scheme of things, we're just fine!


PIPO said...

I bet it is a 'moment' to let go of those childhood treasures. But, at least, they will now brighten another child's playtime.

Yep, glad it was clean water....not sewerage! Yikes!

As for the bamboo in my yard? Wish I could help. It was here when I moved in several years ago. It has grown very little really. The way I deal with it is to not touch it at all. I am the kiss of death to chlorophyll containing life forms.

Tammie said...

Wow! Erin would love it if we'd buy her one of those outdoor playhouses. Of course she really is too old for them but still gets enjoyment when she can play with someone who has one.

It's always hard when they outgrow a beloved toy or habit.

Sorry to hear that you haven't seen a pro for your basement. That's got to be quite frustrating.