Sunday, March 9, 2008

Picture fun

We had some fun making picture collages today. Here are the many faces of Carson. He already has the tween snottiness down and he's only 9. I'm a little afraid of the coming years!!! Sometimes we see our sweet son, but more often than not, we see one of these lovely expressions.

And here are the many faces of Elise. Most of these were taken as she was laughing at her brother. And, yes, she is wearing a Christmas dress in March, take it up with her if you have a problem with that fashion sense.

I'm still not crazy about Carson's haircut, but I'm wondering if it's just because he's at that age where he doesn't look like my baby anymore but is looking more grown up. Sigh.... Guess a haircut isn't going to fix my desire to slow down the growing up process. But, I do love Elise's haircut (and so does she).

I'm off to help Carson finish the homework project that he SHOULD have spent some time on during the THREE days off school this week. He didn't believe us that the teacher wasn't going to change the project deadline just because they had snow days last week. I'm so ready for summer...mostly for a break with the homework battles!!!


PIPO said...

I think they both look great.

Whew, good luck with that tweendom. Heh, I actually remember making those faces myself!

Sandra said...

That first one of Carson is definitely a glimpse into the future!!!!

Tammie said...

Love the collages!!

Joy said...

I LOVE Elise's hair! She looks like so grown-up.