Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring Break Day #4

The kids and Perry are on spring break this week. I have to admit that it's really nice just having to get myself up and out the door in the mornings.

It is probably good that I went to work today. Me, some free time, a laptop and a credit card really isn't a good combination. For my credit card's sake, I needed to give it some rest time today! But, I'm really looking forward to my goodies arriving (and hopefully they'll do so next week once P is back at work!)

So, what are the kids up to this break:
Elise has been dressing "her way." On Sunday, I found her with her mermaid fish tail on underneath her dress!

Today, she not only had the mermaid tail on, but a bridal skirt as well!
And, she's getting to do all the coloring and crafting she wants during the day!

And Carson and Perry have been cleaning out the critter homes in Carson's room (OK, >Perry< has been cleaning out the tanks. Hence the name of our blog is A Houseful of Critters...
The fish tank with 2 goldfish and 1 albino clawed frog:
The frog tank with 3 red bellied tree frogs (all hiding at the moment), a newt and a dozen crickets (food for the frogs and newt). The newt is hanging out smack in the middle of the tank for those of you unfamiliar with newts (as I was several months ago).

And the turtle table. These guys are actually pretty cool. Carson saved the money for the turtles and the table all year last year.

Here's a close-up of the turtles (Russian tortoises, actually). was really getting stinky in his room!


Tammie said...

I can't believe that Elise is really 5 years old. She looks like such a big girl. Of course the mermaid tail is a dead give away. Erin wears her Power Ranger costume whenever she can. Makes me wonder.

You weren't joking about the title to your blog. I can't believe how many critters Carson has. Cool!

PIPO said...

Gotta love that fashion sense...some days I want to dress just like that.