Saturday, March 22, 2008

"High Tech" games

My house has been full of rowdy kids (boys!) all day. Perry has escaped for the day (some pesky soccer tournament). The basement is off-limits and it's really cold outside and I'm trying to get ready for Easter they've been running around the house driving me nuts!

I did walk into the kids all huddled around playing Elise's Nintendo DS.

Know what they were playing on the DS?
Battleship....Connect Four....Trouble.

Do you see the "old fashioned" versions of the games in the background?!? Yup...I can see that would be much more fun to all huddle around a tiny screen rather than set up the "old fashioned" version.

Basement Update - soaked pad is out, air movers and high powered dehumidifier in place. Carpet guy came by today and said carpet sat in water (on the soaked pad) for so long that the adhesive that connects the carpet to the backing was eroded and the carpet wouldn't last long term if we tried to replace it. Dang it. I hate the hassle of going back and forth with the insurance company...they want to close the claim as cheaply as possible and we just want it replaced with he same grade we had down there...somehow those 2 desires clash when it comes to money.

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Tammie said...

I used to love all those old games. I must be old fashioned since I can't imagine wanting to play without the board.

Sorry to hear about your upcoming woes with the insurance company.