Sunday, March 23, 2008

More Easter pics

As I type this, it looks like a blizzard outside! Snowing big fat flaky snowflakes. Not sticking, but it made for an odd weather day to have these odd snow showers on Easter. As kids growing up in Syracuse, we remember lots of Easters with snow, but it doesn't happen often in this part of the country.

We had dinner at my sister's and the egg hunt at Aunt Carol's house (Waiting Hearts friends will remember Aunt Carol!)

Elise and "bunny-bunny" getting ready for the egg hunt.

Carson and Grandma sort his Easter egg loot after the egg hunt.

Kristin and Cliff. Yeah, he looks sweet but he's given her more than her share of grey hair! (Love ya' Cliffie!)

Even college kids aren't too big for egg hunts.

Tyler was so busy "helping" all of his cousins find eggs that he ended up with the smallest pile of eggs (his cousins shared so they all ended up with equal amounts).

Spencer very intently counting his eggs (they were each allowed a certain number of eggs).

Elise's egg'll notice the boys all have theirs dumped on the floor in a heap...her's are lined out neatly on a table. She's such a girlie-girl! (She was in her glory today because she FINALLY got to wear her Easter dress!)

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Tammie said...

Looks like a fun Easter day! Send my regards to Aunt Carol! And where is her pic!?