Friday, March 28, 2008

Sick day

We had a night of storms last night and sometime during the night, Elise crawled into bed with us and snuggled up against me...burning up! Poor kiddo! She rarely gets sick but does tend to spike quick fevers. So I'm home with her today. (I had an off campus meeting all today that didn't look all that much fun, and I'm not complaining about missing that!) With some OTC meds, she already seems to be perking up a bit.

Here are a few other random thoughts:
  • We're so ready for spring. The weather is teasing us these days. A day or two of 60 degree weather, followed by cold, wet and dreary days. (It's one of those cold, wet and dreary days today.) We bought some new deck furniture a few weeks back and I keep thinking "maybe we'll get it out this weekend"...nope, still sitting in the garage tempting me to smash into it every time I pull the car in. :)

  • Basement is still a mess. Wallboard on one wall was partially removed to dry the walls, so we need to get that repaired now. Carpet has been ordered but won't be in until April 15. Perry's looking at double sump pumps, battery backup models and alarms. (can you say cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching as the costs for this "minor flood" start to add up?)

  • Carson's school has a carnival tonight. Am I the only parent that dreads those events? A friday night in a school overflowing with hyped up kiddos and stressed out parents? The one at Carson's old school (now Elise's school) really drove me nuts....the school was just not large enough to accommodate the crowds. Hopefully tonight's will be better...or better yet, maybe I'll just stay home with Elise and Perry can take Carson! (He has a much higher tolerance for the things that turn me into an anxious wreck!)

  • Perry and I have a date night this weekend! We so rarely do that! I gave him a gift certificate to a German restaurant for Christmas that we are finally going to use. Perry's family is German and he really gets a hankering for good ol' German food every now and then. It'll be fun to have some alone time with the hubs!


Tammie said...

Sorry to hear that Elise isn't up to herself. On the other hand, I love her jammies. Too cute. And of course having a day with just mom is a nice little plus.

BTW, I hate those carnivals too. What is it with people who enjoy all that noise & mess? I guess I'm spoiled snce my friend owns a bounce house company. Private parties are more fun to me.

A date night sounds so wonderful! Get dressed up, go out & enjoy your time together!

Sandra said...

I hope Elise feels better soon!

Matt and I have a date night on Saturday as well. Both girls are even supposed to spend the night with Cera. I am not sure if Tahlia will do it, but if she does it will be just the two of us ALL night :-)