Sunday, March 16, 2008

Garden dreaming....

My mouth is finally healing but I've really enjoyed having a 4 days to just lounge around. Talking for more than a few minutes still pulls uncomfortably on the stitches in my mouth (Perry's enjoying that!). I can't remember if I have any large group talks this week, but I'm really hoping I can just hide away in my office the first part of the week and not have to talk much until the stitches start to disolve.

I do need to venture away from my Panera soup and ice cream diet. I'm fearful all that ice cream is going to bring a cruel reality when I try to put on work clothes tomorrow. :(

With the recent spat of nice weather and lots of time lounging in bed with a laptop, I have started planning our summer garden! For those of you who have seen our yard, it presents some challenges. We have 2 acres and anything we try to do just looks small (and we can't afford the grand plans that would make it appear to scale!)

Last year, we planted our first veggie garden in this house. Unfortunately, we put it OUTSIDE of the fenced area of our yard and right off the 6 acres of woods. It served as an open buffet to our fine furry friends of the forest. :) We managed to get a few tomatoes, cukes and peas but the critters ate almost everything else.

This year, we're going to try raised beds INSIDE the fenced area. Our concern in our beagle-mutt. She's been known to eat my houseplants and the pepper/tomato plants I've grown on the deck. (She's really NOT the smartest doggie out there...) I'm hoping the kids will help more if it's closer to the house and less out of sight. Nothing better than fresh veggies in the summer!

I did order some hydrangeas. I've always wanted to grow them but have heard they are really dificult to maintain. I see them all the time around here, so they do grow in our area. We'll see how it goes!

We've also wanted to try a fruit garden. We've grown strawberries before with success, but would love to try blueberries, blackberries and raspberries! (OK, that might be a bit much for this year.)

I'm so ready for spring!!!


PIPO said...

I remain in awe of anyone who can successfully grow a plant. Enjoy!

Tammie said...

Your garden sounds so nice. We have a raised bed veggie/flower garden that David & Erin work on. I can't wait for our cukes & tomatoes to come in.