Friday, March 14, 2008

Flasback Friday

No pics this Friday. I had gum surgery yesterday and am still feeling pretty sore. But, that surgery in and of itself is the flashback. I had the first part of the surgery done close to 10 years ago. It was so horid that I never scheduled the 2nd half and was fine if that meant my teeth would fall out.

Flash forward to now. Decided to put on my big girl panties and just finish the dern surgery before my teeh actually DID fall out (and my dentist can stop giving me grief about it!) Still not fun, but not as horid as last time and it's done. A little Xanax and a cranked up iPod really helped this time (and not coming home to a collicky, breastfeeding baby like I did after the last surgery!) :)

Beautiful weather here today! I can't wait for spring and spend some time in bed planning my veggie garden.

Oh, and the kids started a 10 day stretch of being off school. I honestly think they are off more than they are in school these days. They took good care of me in my sore and swollen state today (they also took advantage of Mom's ice cream diet!)


Tammie said...

Sorry to hear about the gum surgery part 2. I always hate having to do dental work. Thankfully my dentist is also my BIL, & get along wonderfully. He's very careful with me since I also have Bell's Palsy. Hopefully this will be your last time with the gum issue.

PIPO said...

Hope your chops are doing much better now!