Saturday, March 1, 2008

Happy National Pig Day!

I'm not's the real deal! I was actually going to write about "Piggy" today anyway so it was quite a coincidence to know there really is a National Pig Day.

For those of you who know Elise well, you also know Piggy. Piggy was given to Elise by our dear friends Rita and Curt. They lived across the street from us when we brought Elise home. Rita gave Elise this Pig within the first few weeks she was home. Elise didn't take to Pig right away, but soon she and Piggy were inseparable. When Elise started going to daycare, Piggy went with her. When we moved to this area and she started a new school, Piggy was allowed to join her (stuffed animals were normally not encouraged, but everyone realized how important Piggy was to Elise and made an exception without me even having to ask!)

We've tried to find another Piggy as she's had to have a few surgeries already and her tail is almost completely worn away. We did find another one on E-Bay, but he's just not the same. Elise named the new pig, Fred, but isn't nearly as attached to Fred as she is to Piggy.

Elise is a great mommy to Piggy and takes such good care of her. (There have been times that Piggy was a he, but has reverted back to a she...yes, she has some gender identity issues.)

Lately, Elise has been very concerned that we don't celebrate Piggy's birthday so she's decided to celebrate it the day after dad's birthday this coming week. We went out shopping for a gift for Piggy last night (shhhh....she's getting her own little stuffed pig!)

So...thank you for being a part of our family, Piggy. Enjoy your national day and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

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Tammie said...

Happy Pig Day to you too!

Don't you just love the names that our children come up with for their stuffed animals? Erin's first bear that she made at Build A Bear is named Pink Bear. Wanna guess why? ;-)cfcjh