Wednesday, March 26, 2008

This and that

This is Elise's dream week...she got to wear her Easter dress not once, but TWICE! Her school had their 2nd picture day today and she decided to wear her Easter outfit again. She's such a girl...she told me all about the dresses all the other girls wore and which dress was the prettiest.

And here we find Carson...sacked out watching TV snacking on...BROCCOLI! Yup, that's a stalk of broccoli he's chowing on. (Nice grass stains, huh?!?) Sigh, anyone else see a big growth spurt coming on if he's desperate enough to snack on broccoli instead of the loads of Easter candy around here? I just hope he can make through the rest of jeans season without needing a whole new size.


Tammie said...

You're so lucky that Elise is so girly. Erin begs me to buy the dresses, promises she'll wear them & leaves them hanging unworn in her closet.

Truly amazing to see Carson munching on broccoli.

Super Mommy said...

And she looks lovely for a second time. Jianxin girls are beautiful! - Nancy (aka Supermommy)