Sunday, March 2, 2008


Today we had our family over to celebrate Perry’s birthday (later this week) and Piggy’s birthday. It’s crazy having everyone over but I just love it and wish we could do it more often.

Elise loves being the only little girl in the gathering and getting the attention that goes along with title. She just loves her Aunt Kristin (who has 4 boys so Aunt Kristin loves getting in Elise time!) Aunt Carol recently moved to the area and Elise has such a special relationship with her. Carol traveled to China with me and was so supportive during the entire adoption process. And, Elise loves getting in time with Grandma and Grandpa. Right now, she’s their only granddaughter.

Carson loves having his boy cousins over. They are all so close in age and interests. The boys show up and we usually don’t see them until they either get hungry or angry with one another.

Kristin’s oldest at home (their oldest is away at college) loves mixing with the adults and not being counted as a kid in our gatherings. It’s always fun to spend time with him and catch up on the latest high school gossip, girlfriend news or just how unfair his parents have been lately.

And, it’s a nice chance for the adults to catch up in person, although it is usually a bit crazy!

So…for the surprise…Perry and I don’t usually do extravagant gifts for one another or we agree on a big gift ahead of time for the family. And…it’s widely known (although a bit unfairly, I believe) that I can not keep a secret.

Well…guess who kept a secret!?! Perry thought he’d already received his gift from me…some tool thing that I don’t understand. I decided to get him a new TV for our basement, where he usually ends up watching TV. When we refinished the basement, we included a built in entertainment center. We’d put an older (i.e. SMALL) TV down there…functional, but it looked ridiculously small in the opening.

So, Perry was surprised with a larger TV that better fits in the opening. I ran out yesterday (on my day to myself) to pick it up. I even managed to carry it inside and hide in all by myself. J I think this is one of the first times I’ve actually surprised Perry with a birthday gift. Enjoy your new TV, hon!
And, Kristin took us literally and brought a gift for Piggy. Elise was THRILLED!!!


Tammie said...

Family get togethers can be such fun. My mother was very close with her sister which led to a great relationship between my cousins, my brother & myself. To this day, we always manage to live close to each other.

I think having this kind of relationship is very positive for the children & the adults that they grow into.

I"m sure that Perry was totally surprised by his new tv. Congrats on keeping a secret!

Sandra said...

What an awesome surprise for Perry!!!

Being with family is so important...