Monday, December 8, 2008

Back on track

I'm feeling a bit more relaxed and on track today. I wanted to share 2 quotes with you that helped my mood today:

"Behind every good kid is an exhausted mother!"

"Parenting my son is like giving birth daily to broken dishes"
a book I'm reading right now and would highly recommend)

We finally got the tree up this weekend. We still need to adjust the furniture so it doesn't look so crowded in.

And the blinds from the dining room draped across the chair next to the tree add to the ambience, don't you think? The dining room is coming along but there a lot of little details! I'm hosting a baking day at our house next Monday and I'm relying on having the space to spread out in the dining room so that's our deadline.

The kids discovered some presents under the tree this weekend. I decided to mix it up a bit this year. They always dig through and find the ones with their names then spend the time until Christmas trying to figure out the gift.

This year, I'm putting numbers on the gifts.

Now they won't know WHICH gifts belong to them until Christmas.

That is, if I keep track of the list which decodes the numbers!

My mom tried this trick one year...and lost the list.

I'm hoping for better luck.

Either way, the kids were pretty stumped to discover numbers, not names, on the gifts under the tree!


The Morris Family said...

What a pretty tree! Intriguing idea with the numbers on the presents...the list would have to be in a safe for me not to lose it, though. By the way, loved your "mommy store" for kind deeds - what a great thing!

Tammie said...

Your tree looks lovely!! As a child, I always enjoyed helping my friend decorate her tree. It was a great tradition. I helped Kathy decorate her tree, & she came over to enjoy latkes for Chanukah.

Cute idea about numbering the presents. I wrap each family's presents in different paper but don't label the gift till right before we give them. It keeps Erin on her toes as she can never guess who is getting what.

Vivian M said...

Oh you are so sneaky! I love the number idea!
The tree looks lovely by the way.

Beverly said...

I would lose the list too.

Super Mommy said...

Nice tree!! I'm laughing at the numbering system - but can see myself doing it in an another year or two!!

Vivian M said...

You've been tagged! Check out my blog for details. It's silly, but fun!