Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Tree

I had a few quiet moments earlier today. I sat down by the tree and looked over all the ornaments. There are so many ornaments on our tree that have such meaning.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Starting at the top, we bought the angel on our honeymoon...16 years Stowe, Vermont.

Our first year as parents. Carson was 6 weeks old on his first Christmas. What a special Christmas!

My Grandparents had ornaments of us as kids on their tree and, somehow, I ended up with these two. My Grandma made them and they are now a good 30+ years old. That's my sister and I in the one above (I'm in the yellow). My grandma also crocheted those outfits. :)

And this is just me. I was probably about 5 in this picture. I've always loved these ornaments and started putting up a picture ornament for each of my kids every year.

We were given this ornament the year before we brought Elise home. Ladybugs are a sign of good luck in the Chinese adoption community.

Here's Elise's first Christmas with us. She was 19 months old in this picture and the perfect age to enjoy her first Christmas celebration!

We bought this ornament while in China. I wish I would have thought to pick up more.

Elise went through a stage where she latched on to one particular stuffed pig and liked all things pig. Piggy went EVERYWHERE with her for about 3 years...her teachers even suggested we break the rules and Piggy was allowed to come to school with her.

And here's our first ornament representing our full family.
I just love the walk down memory lane when I look at our tree.


Super Mommy said...

Those are wonderful Gretchen!

Merry Christmas!

Tammie said...

Beautiful ornaments bring about beautiful memories.

Sandra said...

You know I love it!

Vivian M said...

I love your ornaments and the fact that they have a sentimental value!