Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow days

It's just a mere few days until my kids are off for a 2 week winter break. Three days into the current week and we've had 2 full snow days and one early dismissal. That's not setting us up well for peace and harmony during our winter break. These kids need the social, academic and physical release that school breaks...especially right before a 2 week long break!

And our district is THE ONLY large district in the area closed today. We are historically one of the last to close and our supt is well known for his propensity to NOT close the district. Hmmm...wonder what happened today.

And sadly, we can't even go out and enjoy the snow. Because there isn't enough snow to play in! Icy slick roads are keeping us home and ice isn't so fun to play in.

Here's our lovely snow. Laying between the blades of grass!

Trixie is the only one that seems to be enjoying this week. Of course, the deck has more snow (and an underlayment of ice) than anywhere else and she keeps trying to get someone to come out and play with her.

Molly isn't even giving Trixie any playtime. It's just too darn cold for her...of course, her fat little body is a little closer to the ground than Trixie's. cleaning lady is coming this afternoon and I'll be darned if I cancel that today! So, I have to find something to occupy my kids for a few hours this afternoon out of the house so I can have a clean house (or somewhat clean) for Christmas.

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Tammie said...

There may not be much snow, but it sure is pretty.