Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Recap

What a wonderful Christmas Day! I just love Christmas. The meaning behind it is so strong for me and my faith. I just love celebrating this day with my family. Here's a recap on our family's celebration this year.
The kids slept in a bit for them. Carson woke up at 6:00, crawled in bed next to me and feel right back asleep. I should note here that I've ALWAYS been the first one up on Christmas morning. All during my youth, I could sleep until noon...except on Christmas Day. My parents usually spend the night at our house on Christmas Eve so they can share in the excitement of the morning.

The big gift from Santa this year was a Wii and several games, which shocked both kids!

Elise also got the American Girl doll that she's been wanting. I just love that look of excitement on her face!

While we waited for the rest of the family to arrive, we spent the morning playing the Wii (hoping I burned off a few of those cookies!)....

...trying out Carson's new bike and getting pointers from Grandpa on changing gears (this is Carson's first bike with gears)....

....and cuddling up to read a book with Grandma.

As soon as everyone showed up, it was mass chaos...but a good and welcome chaos.

And we ate more food that one would think humanly possible! This is just the sweats table.

My sister married this guy a few years back.

He sure does bring a new element to Christmas!!! (We grew up in a family where you'd NEVER find alcohol!) The gun was a gift for my dad (to go skeet shooting....nothing harming living breathing animals). The big boys were tempted to try it out in our backyard. While we do live out in a country-like setting, we do have neighbors and the idea of playing with the gun in the backyard was quickly nixed! (And as for his beer...I was drinking wine out of plastic cup so he was in good company...guess he didn't bring us down too far after all!)

Me and three of my nephews. These boys will go back and forth and back and forth for the next few days between our house and my sister's. Tyler is 12, Carson is 10 and Spencer is 9 and they get along so well!
Elise practices more Hannah Montana songs on the Wii....I can't get that Girls Night Out tune out of my head!!!!
And my bestest gift this year? My hubby made me homemade chocolate truffles....just for me! :) He knews I just adore these. It was a wonderful gesture...proving that the best gifts are really from the heart and not from the wallet! :) (He did also get me a Flip video camera that I'm still figuring out...never fear, I'll be annoying you with videos in the very near future!)
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends! Can't wait to hear about them!
Merry Christmas!


Super Mommy said...

Oh Gretchen - looks like a wonderful day! I know you will enjoy that Wii as much as the kids - I do!! Elise looks quite happy with her Ivy doll - we have a Just Like Me (who is blonde and blue eyed!!) and Jesse (the girl of the year from 2 years ago) - my girls really love those dolls!

That picture of you and the nephews is cute!

Tammie said...


Your Christmas reminds me of the Christmas Days I'd share with my BFF Kathi growing up. Lots of family, good food & an overall feeling of goodness.

Your pics are wonderful! I love seeing Elise's excitement over her new AG doll.

The Morris Family said...

What a great day! Looks like fun was had by all. Especially your kids! And that sweet table? Oh my! Truffles?! Your husband does woodwork and makes truffles?!...Wow! Merry Christmas!

Vivian M said...

What a wonderful celebration of love and family! Merry Christmas! And homemade chocolate truffles? Yum!!!

Becki party of 5 said...

Merry Christmas! Looks like such a fun day with your family.
We got a Wii this year, too. I'm loving it as much as the kids, I think!