Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Presents Begin - Christmas Eve Celebrations

Perry comes from a German family and they traditionally open gifts on Christmas Eve. We've incorporated that tradition with the gifts from that side of the family. The kids started asking the minute they were up today when we could start opening gifts...just a little excited!

This pose pretty much sums up the energy level of the kids all day long!

And after opening gifts, we ended up with one hyper excited Hannah Montana. Who knew Elise knew the words to so many HM songs!

And Carson scored with some Bears wear! Guess the Chicago side of the family is trying to keep his loyalties straight! :)
Hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas Eve!


Tammie said...

I could have told you, had you asked, that almost every 6 year old girl knows the HM songs. Erin breaks out into song all the time. She just needs some singing lessons.

Lovin' Carson's new Bears wear!

Merry Christmas to you & your family!!!

Thank you for the Christmas card. The kids are so grown up. I have each one that you've sent over the years, & I love watching them grow.

sandra said...

I guess my girls are the only ones who have no idea who Hannah Montana is!

Merry Christmas!

Vivian M said...

And she makes a very pretty Hannah Montana picture! And Carson looks taller and stronger in that shirt!