Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Proud day to live in Illinois

I'm sure most folks saw the news that our esteemed governor was arrested yesterday. Let me assure non-Illinois folks that just about everyone in the state knew he was a crook before the arrest. What an idiot.

I'll admit to having voted for him, not once but twice. The first time, he ran as a reformer who promised to clean up the mess left by our previous governor (who is currently residing in jail cell!) When he was up for re-election, I would have voted for the republican candidate, except she was a cronie of the previous governor and I figured Blago was the lesser of the two evils.

I get so irritated when I hear this type of news. I'm doing my darndest to raise upstanding, hard working, productive citizens. I want my kids to be accountable for their actions. I want them to realize the benefits of a good work ethic. I want them to be hard workers who make ethical decisions. I want them to take into account how their actions will impact others. Grrrr....I hate it when public people make that job so much harder.

But...I do take pleasure in one thing in light of yesterday's news.

You see, we lived not too far from the governor when we lived in Chicago. For those of you not familiar with Chicago neighborhoods, the environment between a simple block can be a night and day difference. We lived on one of those dividing lines. To the west of us was a pretty rough neighborhood but to the east of us was a really nice neighborhood. One through which we'd often walk, admiring the houses.

With our dog.

I didn't realize HOW close we were to Blago's house until yesterday. A mere 2 blocks on the same street.

When I saw his house one the news last night, I realized it was one we walked by EVERY TIME we went on a walk through that nicer neighborhood.

And while we were pretty good about cleaning up after our dog on walks, sometimes we weren't.

So, I take pleasure in knowing that my dog may have one time left a nice package (or two) on his lawn (which is the size of a postage stamp, by the way....the yard that is, not the "package"!)

And I really hoped he accidently stepped in it.


Vivian M said...

You are hilarious! Can I borrow your dog?

The Morris Family said...

...oh, he's stepped in it alright. I cannot help but be reminded of all the officials in Gotham from the Batman's so bad it is surreal.

Super Mommy said...

Don't be ashamed - you can't control others' actions. I agree with you about trying to teach your kids to do the right thing - then they see and hear thing like this - I'd say discuss with them why it was wrong. Everyone can be used as a example - even if its a bad one!

I tagged you again - go check out my blog!!

Beverly said...


Tammie said...

I'm fairly sure your dog was intuitive enough to leave a surprise on his lawn! Good dog.