Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pure laziness

We are enjoying a lazy break this year! I feel a bit guilty about being so lazy, but I keep trying to remind myself that I've read some really good books and I'm still battling this head cold.

Since there's not much going on, here a few snippets of our life:

  • My sister called to tell me I really needed to buy my son some new pants. Sigh...I was hoping no one else had noticed he'd already outgrown the jeans I bought for him in September! I bought him 14 slim, with the adjustable waist cinched up as much as possible, and he's already shot through those. Added to my to-do list (which I'm trying to avoid in my lazy haze!) is picking up some size 16 jeans for my son.

  • Elise has been going back and forth with some little girls from school. As we drove one little girl home last night, I was admiring her neighborhood...older homes with tons of character that I find so appealing. As we pulled up to her friend's house, I said, "Your house is so beautiful, I love it!" Elise then pipes in with, "Yeah, I like it too....well, just kinda." Fortunately, her friend thought the fact that Elise added the "well, just KINDA" was pretty funny. She can be honest to a fault! :) We learned that this little friend goes to our church, just a different service than we normally attend. I'm so thankful that she is developing some great friendships.

  • I have the world's best hubby. We had planned on re-doing the kids' bathroom over break (nothing fancy, need to repair some water damage and want to replace the flooring....which will also lead to updating a few fixtures.) Somehow he's pulled a muscle in his back. If it were me, I'd be milking it for all it's worth! But, he just keeps moving forward...albeit a bit more slowly...on the bathroom. He just cannot stand to be bored. I'm sure it has NOTHING to do with my brother-in-law deciding to upgrade their bathroom...there's not a lick of competition between them!

  • My cleaning lady is coming tomorrow and I'm half tempted to cancel. Why? I'm too lazy to straighten up my house so she can actually clean it! I keep reminding myself that I'll regret it by the weekend and that ~I~ would have to actually clean it myself (and I'd still have to pay her so I wouldn't save any money!) See, I told you this has been a lazy break.

  • My son spent 15 minutes on his hair this morning (mind you, a comb has probably not touched his locks in the past 15 days!). He then proceeded to wear a shirt 3 sizes too small. (He was going to my sister's house, hence the phone call to buy my kid some presentable jeans...clearly she missed the shirt!)

  • I have five more days of laziness before pulling my act together again for work.

Hope everyone else is having a relaxing break. Ingrained in this laziness is lots of family time and I'm really enjoying that.


sandra said...

We are enjoying being lazy as well and my husband is working on a bathroom as well (without a injury, though!).

Enjoy it while you can. Before we know it we will be back in the craziness of school, etc.

Tammie said...

It sounds as if you're really enjoying your lazy days vacation. I can almost remember those times.

The Morris Family said...

Enjoy!! This time is all too-brief!
We are having a mandatory stay-in-jammies day...
Happy New Years!

Super Mommy said...

Enjoy it Gretchen - you deserve it! I'm being lazy too . . . barely active at all . . . sleeping in . . . I love it!!