Saturday, December 27, 2008

The year in review

I'm shamelessly stealing this idea from my friend Sandra's blog. Here is a look back through the past year. Time goes so quickly when you are a parent. Some of these things seem like they happened just yesterday.
January 2008:
Carson's pinewood derby car does exceptionally well!

Elise and her Piggy. (I should note that Piggy has been a steady companion to Elise. Piggy was given to Elise by her godparents right as she arrived home. She latched onto Piggy after being home for about 6 weeks and he/she was by her side daily. Just during this past year did Piggy start fading into the background.)

I just love this picture of Elise. She sits like this all the time.

Carson's school concert. I remember buying this outfit a few weeks earlier only to discover it didn't fit on the night of the concert. This year has been a year of GROWTH spurts for my boy.

February 2008:

Elise in her Chinese New Year outfit. She's so proud of her Chinese heritage.

Carson helping me prepare treats for our Chinese New Year party.

Sleepy bedheads...I love capturing the moments they get proves that it does happen more often than it seems! :)

March 2008:

Elise with her Aunt Kristin (note that Piggy is still present!)

We had several snow days in March. We lost count of how many games of Dora Checkers we played on those snow days!

Carson and Mollie on yet another snow day.

Elise's annual haircut! :)

Happy Easter!

April 2008:

The weather turned nicer and we headed back outdoors.

Carson is in his element outdoors in nature. Always has had a strong love of nature.

Fairy cheerleader?!?

Words escape me....

We said a very painful and sudden goodbye to our sweet dog. You are still greatly missed, Sneakers!

May 2008:

Elise turns 6!

We open the pool.

The kids practically move into the pool!

We practically live outdoors!

Carson finds a snake (this picture still disturbs me in so many ways!)

Trixie finds her way into our home and hearts.
June 2008:

All about Maine, baby...

Me, Grandma Carson and Perry. I cherish each time I get together with my grandmother. There have been so many times that I was sure it would be the last time and she keeps surprising us with her health. I no longer worry about it being the last time, but fully enjoy the times I get with her.
Elise didn't have any strong memories of her great-grandmother before this visit, but she sure does now! Both kids enjoyed their time in Maine and visiting with Grandma Carson and our other Maine relatives.
Carson at a beautiful spot on my Aunt and Uncle's peaceful and gorgeous farm in Maine.

Elise in the sand at Acadia in Maine.

July 2008:

More pool time.
We get together with another family from our travel group. Both girls were at the same orphanage in China.

Carson got to be a Vet for a day!
August 2008:

Elise meets her 1st grade teacher, who is proving to be WONDERFUL!!!

Carson in the days before school starts.

The tractor (mower) was a bit hit this summer. Elise could help Dad drive.

While we let Carson drive it himself (with supervision!)

September 2008:

September was all about soccer.
Elise decided at the last minute to play again...mainly because her old team had PINK shirts this year.

Carson really improved on his soccer skills. Spent a lot of time as goalie and really impressed folks with his throwing abilities (Dad still says no football!)

October 2008:

Halloween - Elise as Sleeping Beauty.

Halloween - Carson as ??? freaky scary man ???

Elise loses her first tooth.

Carson kept losing teeth even after I thought all his baby teeth were gone!

Elise gets her ears pierced!

November 2008:

Proof that they do get times!

Thanksgiving playing with cousin Isaiah.

Carson holding baby Peter at Thanksgiving. Peter was born in November while Carson entered double digits, turning 10!

December 2008:

Date with Dad.

Elise helps in all the baking fun.

Carson is a true blue Bears fan.

Enjoying Christmas presents.


Sandra said...

Now that IS a great idea ;-)

The kids have grown this year for sure. Time goes by too fast.

Super Mommy said...

Love it Gretchen - my photos are scattered between two laptops right now . . . sniff, sniff the kiddos sure do grow fast!

Vivian M said...

I love the recap! And what a difference a year makes, Carson looks like he grew a few inches or so.
I think this was a great idea, and I may just borrow it!

The Morris Family said...

A terrific idea to revisit the year...what great memories! After seeing the pics of your kids in the pool, I can't help but start counting down to those wonderful warm sunny days!

Tammie said...

Wow! I love this idea. I think I'll do an annual recap myself by New Year's Eve also!

I'm amazed by how much Carson & Elise have grown this past year.

Becki party of 5 said...

What a great post!
Carson changed SO much this past year, and I'm happy to see he's a true Bears fan, you're raising him right! :) haha
Great pics!