Sunday, December 7, 2008


Anyone else feeling completely overwhelmed at the moment?!? Every year I try to have my shopping done by Thanksgiving in anticipation of this craziness. I'm done with shopping but there are so many other details. Sunday nights seem to be the time that I most feel overwhelmed. Anyone else?!?

(Shaking off that stress for a moment....) We actually had a great weekend.

One of the things we squeezed into the weekend was a play geared for kids. The university where I work does an annual series of theater events designed to introduce kids to theater. We went to a few several years ago but didn't make any last year due to scheduling conflicts. When Elise's school sent home the flier for the series this year, she made sure we had them on our calendar.

The production was "A Little Fir Tree" by Hans Christian Anderson. It was a cute story. Afterwords, the kids all get a kick out of getting their programs autographed. The actors do a wonerful job with the kids.

And here she is asking for her first autograph. She was really nervous at first but bound and determined to get those autographs!

The costumes were wonderful. I tried to get a picture of the actors, but it didn't turn out well. You can see Elise right down in shirt with long black hair (not to be confused with the girl in a pink shirt with short dark brown hair!)


Super Mommy said...

Stressed? How about frazzled?? HA! I am determined to stay calm this year and not get anxious about shopping!!

I bet the kiddos loved the play - the costumes look fabulous!

Vivian M said...

What a wonderful opportunity for Elise! She really is brave, asking for autographs.
Can you take a moment for yourself and do something to make you feel better? A bath, a hot tea, a good book?
I knew I was stressed when my cleaning lady gave me bath salts as a holiday gift, and the package said "behind every great kid is an exhausted Mom"!!!!

The Morris Family said...

What a neat holiday experience for the kids- looks like some fun memories were made!

Tammie said...

Stress? What stress? I have no stress. Just ask my back. ;-0

Growing up, my dad's best friend was involved in community theater so we got to go see quite a few shows. I always enjoyed myself. The fact that Elise went to ask for autographs is a big thing. Yay for her!