Saturday, December 13, 2008


Elise and I decided to do a little baking today. We're having a BIG baking day tomorrow but she really, really, really wanted to help me with today's batch.

Tasting a bit of the dough. (Don't yell at me for letting her eat raw dough...I grew up eating dough as did my mom and grandmother. We lived to tell about generations later!)

The rolling pin isn't as easy as it looks.

Hmmm...which shape should I use next?

Push it in slow and steady.

Such a look of concentration. Gotta love the flour all over her face and black shirt by the end!

We're having a family baking tomorrow with my mom, aunt and sister. We were originally going to do it on Monday but the forecast here is pretty yucky for Monday. We decided to move it back to Sunday and Elise is SO EXCITED that she gets to hang out with the big girls tomorrow making cookies and lots of other treats.


Vivian M said...

What fun!!! Please share you favorite cookie recipe(s). I am still a novice at baking.
By the way, love the flour face!

The Morris Family said...

What fun! I second sharing some of the long as they are easy for those of us who are baking challenged- (thats' me!)

Tammie said...

Eating raw dough never killed anyone. I grew up in bakeries & ate plenty of dough. I used to bake from November through December pretty much without stopping. Now that David is diabetic, I don't bake anymore. He has no self-control.

Super Mommy said...

I bet those cookies are delicious! Little Elise poured her heart and sould into them!!