Sunday, December 21, 2008

Date with Dad

Perry took Elise on a special Dad-Daughter date tonight. We'd been given tickets to a Christmas concert in town tonight and we were going to go as a family. Carson ended up spending the night with his cousins and the mother of all head colds had paid me a visit. I still have to work 2 days this week so I decided to continue my drug induced haze in the hopes of drying out this cold in record time.

Elise was thrilled to have Daddy to herself for the evening and picked out her outfit all by herself and told me exactly how she wanted her hair done (yup....I'm not kidding when I say she's a girly girl!)

These pictures aren't related to the date tonight but I'd forgotten to post them earlier this week. On one of the snow days this week, Carson decided to shovel the driveway (without being asked...imagine my shock!). Elise later decided to join him.

There was less than an inch of snow but the snow covered a layer of ice and it was hard work getting through the ice. He was pretty tired by the time he finished!

Elise loves this coat. It's ridicously big on her but her she insists on wearing on it. Sure did keep her warm!
Hope everyone is enjoying this last weekend before Christmas...why does this last weekend always seem so full of stress? I hope everyone is finding a way to relax and enjoy the season.


Tammie said...

I have a feeling that a Dad & Elise date was meant to be. Somehow things have a way of happening. She looked awfully pretty for her special date!

Shoveling snow. Now that's something I definitely don't miss living down in FL.

Super Mommy said...

Elise looks elated in that photo with her daddy - how sweet! Hope they enjoyed their special night together.

Sorry to hear you're sick - hope the drug haze/daze does you well and you are feeling back to yourself before Christmas!

Carson is a sweetie - I hope you gave him and Elise a big ole cup of hot chocolate when they came in!!

Vivian M said...

Get well soon! Being sick is no fun (we are still on antibiotics here).

Date night with Dad sounds wonderful and special! I think Elise should have a daddy/daughter date more often.

And shoveling snow...great job Carson! Now if you want to shovel a lot more snow, come visit, we have plenty!

Beverly said...

how fun for Elise!!

The Morris Family said...

Such a sweet picture of Elise and her daddy!