Monday, December 15, 2008

Girls Day In!

Our inaugural Girls Day In event was a huge success!

We originally scheduled it for a day my kids would be in school. But, with the threat of bad weather moving in, we moved our day up to Sunday. Elise was so excited to join us!

"When will they be here, momma?!?" Elise entertained herself by coloring this large box.

We started by grabbing a quick lunch and pouring over my Grandmother's (Gma) cookbooks. It was fun seeing the old recipes. She had one called "5:00 pm rolls." You start them at 5:00 pm, kneed them at 8:00 pm and finish them up in the morning. Gma would start her holiday baking before Thanksgiving and have freezers full of goodies by Christmas.

My mom showed Elise how to pipe out Gma's special mints. Elise had no idea you could MAKE mints!

My sister making fudge. Ain't she purdy?!? No one ever believed we were related growing up. She has a cute upturned nose (compared to my hawkish beak) and wore a DD bra (compared by "barely there" A cup). The boys never really noticed her cute nose, though.

Me and my mom!

Lots and lots of frosting goin' on!

Frosting Gma's burnt butter icing cookies (don't let the title fool you, they are the most delicious cookies ever...a butterscotch cookie covered by a butta' and sugar frosting...yummy!)

Elise was the designated "back scratcher" for when we got tired.

The fruits of our labor! There was another table completely full in the other room but I forgot to take a picture. We all ended up with lots and lots and lots of holiday goodies!

Phew...time for a rest! Elise with her very special Aunt Kristin. Aunt Kristin lives with 5 boys so she really enjoys her girly time with Elise.

Here's the gang! We missed having my sister-in-law join us, but never fear, there is a box of goodies enroute to them! And we missed having my grandmother with us, but we used lots of her recipes and she was with us in spirit (there is another box on its way to her as well!)

Wonder how much time I'll have to spend on the treadmill to counteract the damages of the weekend!


Tammie said...

What a lovely tradition! All the cookies sound yummy to me. If I remember correctly, you once mentioned that you scrapbook. You may want to a layout each year about this new tradition. And of course a recipe book of Gma's holiday treats.

sandra said...


You have my address, right? ;-)

Vivian M said...

I love that last picture of all the girls! Looks like your day was a success. Yum!

The Morris Family said...

Wow~you girls did some seriously delicious-looking baking...mmmm- cookies! What fun!

Super Mommy said...

Gretchen - I am soooo jealous! What a fantastic way to spend the day!

Love that photo of Elie's big-ol smile! And that was BEFORE cookies!!

You can send my package to me too. Sorry I missed it!!